Friday, May 14, 2010

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Nominee List

Best Mandarin Male Singer
JJ Lin - JJ Lin 100 Days
David Tao - Zero to Hero
Eason Chan - Fifth Floor's Happiness
Khalil Fong - Khalil Fong: Classic
Jam Hsiao - Wang Fei

Best Mandarin Female Singer

Tanya Chua - If You See Him
Karen Mok - After Taste
A-Mei - A-MIT
Chang Shuen - City
Tiger Huang - Easy/Uneasy
Cheer Chen - The Sun

Best Band
Kou Chou Ching - Kou Chou Ching presents: Unsung Heroes
Super Band - North Bound Mega
Soda Green - Summer Fever
Soda Green - Daylight of Spring
Mavis Fan & 100% Band - Innocent
Totem - Fang Yang De Hai Zi
1976 - Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Best Singing Group
Katncandix2 - Small Flight
Come On! Bay Bay! - Come On! Bay Bay!
Da Xi Men - X
Super Junior-M - Super Girl
Power Station - Moving On

Best New Comer
Shadya Lan - The Secret
aChord Hsie - Nothing But A Chord
LaLa Hsu - LaLa Hsu Chia Ying
Alisa Galper - Alisa Kao (AVCD)
Soft Lipa - Soft Lipa presents: Winter Sweet

Best Song of The Year
Riding On White Horse - LaLa Hsu
Come If You Dare - A-Mei
Singing on The Tree - Claire Kuo
Wang Min Zhi Tu - Superband

Best Mandarin Album Award
If You See Him - Tanya Chua
After Taste - Karen Mok
LaLa - LaLa Hsu
A-MIT - A-Mei
The Sun - Cheer Chen

*Kay's P.S* A-Mei leads with 10 nominations in total!


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