Friday, May 14, 2010

Alice Tzeng: I'm Currently Single

Alice Tzeng and Tiffany Hsu are female leads in idol drama "Scent of Love ("就是要香戀") But the two actually don't know each other well and although they're the same age, they have different paths in romance. Tiffany and boyfriend Ethan Ruan are very sweet together, while Alice disclosed that she's single and already split with Wu KangRen [Autumn's Concerto's Hua Tuo Ye]

Actually KangRen and Alice secretly dated for about a year. When KangRen was filming "Autumn's Concerto," paparazzi took pictures of him dating Alice at night. It was said that KangRen already brought Alice to see his parents. Tiffany filmed "AC" with KangRen, asked her impression of him? She said: "A pretty good guy!"

Alice said the first time that she and KangRen returned as friends. Reporters asked whether that means they broke up? She didn't admit frankly and said in-profile: "Currently single, at the stage where I can choose my partner freely." As for the reason for the break-up? Alice denied the interference of 3rd wheel: "It's our problem, we are busy for our jobs." She disclosed that she still has other pursuers and refused to talk about other things.

Alice and Tiffany has complicated relationships in "SOL." Alice loves Fan Zhi Wei, but Fan sees Tiffany as his goddess. Tiffany loves Kingone Wang. Tiffany and Kingone has some passionate kissing scenes in the promotion videos. The two seemed almost in nude on-screen and that created many discussion.

Tiffany said: "Kingone is more experienced. He brought me into the plot. I won't think too much, just want to focus in filming." She expressed she took precautions before filming those scenes and definitely won't expose.

As for does she have to tell Ethan about intimate scenes, Tiffany smiled and said: "Didn't talk about it specially, just work. He won't tell me about it when he films!"

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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