Monday, May 3, 2010

Deric Wan Denies Reuniting With Sonija Kwok

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Sonija Kwok and Deric Wan started dating in 2002 during filming of "The Legend of Love", but the two split after 2 years. Lately Deric expressed he couldn't forget "her" cuteness and always dreams about "her" on his blog. Others suggested he reunite with Sonija. Reports also pointed out Sonija said Deric always call and talk to her. Others also reported he came to Hong Kong to buy Benz.

Currently filming commercial in Mainland, Deric accepted a long distance phone interview, and admitted buying two Benz in Hong Kong. It's to reward himself and is also a gift to his girlfriend Winnie in Hong Kong. But as for him reuniting with Sonija, he denied: "These past years I never called her. (Sonija said you always call her?) Someone is telling lies. (You guys still friends?) We can be friends, but really didn't contact each other. (Flirt with each other on blogs?) Not talking about her, it was talking about a Mainland star, she passed away due to accident. She belonged to my management company. I felt sad when I thought of her. But someone twisted the whole thing. there has been relief going on, they still did pointless things like that. Tell those devils to stop quickly, otherwise go to hell."

However, Sonija sounded frustrated on the phone interview: "I didn't say he calls me all the time, this is ridiculous! Things he wrote on the blog were a long time ago, his fans told me, I also worry others might relate to other things. I called him personally, he said he wasn't talking about me, it's OKAY, actually we're still friends after the break-up. But didn't see each other, maybe once or twice on the phone per year."

When Sonija was asked again in TV city, she replied: "He didn't say he wants to pursue me again, neither do I. He has a girlfriend, would wish him happy."


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