Monday, May 3, 2010

'The Voice 2' -- 12-Year-Old Contestant Is Sent To Elimination Round

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

"The Voice 2" started filming yesterday. Out of a total of 20 contestants, two of them were the most special: 12-year-old Lam Shing Wai (林昇湋) and 27-year-old Emily Marion Chan from Canada. Judges Kenny Bee and Teresa Capiro expressed they won't go easy on a 12-year-old just because he's cute.

After Lam sang Westlife's "You Raise Me Up," judge Miss Chan Chan reminded him: "At every age, you should do things that suit you, should keep an innocent heart of a child to sing. Don't imitate the way adults sing, otherwise it would be like a child wearing his older brother's shirt." Lam only received 15 points and was kicked into elimination round. Emily, who sang Stefanie Sun's "My Love" (我的愛) only received 13 points.

Kenny Bee was asked will he let his daughter 鍾懿 to compete? He said: "Although she sings OK, but I only like to play with her as a parent, school is first priority. She won't be a professional singer, so she won't compete." It's said his daughters doesn't like to dream of being a star, so he should be carefree? He said: "She doesn't have to dream, because she already is a star. Everyone recognizes her on the streets. However, in order to study, she retired from 'showbiz' during elementary school. Actually I think it's OK to encourage her to participate in singing competition in school, but school is still first priority."


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