Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doesn't Mind Dating Older Women, Nick Chou: As Long As There's Feelings

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

After a magazine exposed Elva Hsiao and Nick Chou Tang Hao's relationship, Nick cannot avoid being asked about it in yesterday's album event, and he has the standard answer for that question: "Just good friends."

To promote his debut concert in July 10, Nick held an event with 100 fans in Xi Meng Ding yesterday. Because his first single "附心漢" is quite known now, fans danced with the song all together. Although it was raining, but everyone didn't leave and changed into raincoats. Nick was touched and he said: "It's very touching watching this scene, even I was at the front but I couldn't help to look behind me, everyone was wearing the heart headgear, very cute, this moment is worth to be remembered."

His rumor with Elva is in the news, Nick said: "Just friends in the same company, good friends, rumors are exaggerated." As for his definition for 'good friends,' he said: "Just like everyone else." He praised Elva is a filial and obedient, also good at singing: "My mom also thinks she's filial when she saw Elva next to her Elva's mom." Although there's an age difference, but he said: "Don't mind, as long as there's feelings."


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