Saturday, May 29, 2010

Miriam Yeung: Didn't Re-record New Song Because It's Out of Tune

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Miriam Yeung: Didn't Re-record New Song Because It's Out of Tune

It was reported Miriam Yeung wants to re-record her new single "飲酒思源" because she sang out of tune when she reached high notes. Miriam attended to a radio drama press conference and denied the rumor, she said: "It's impossible to sing out of tune and re-record, technology is very advanced nowadays, you can fix a problem in two seconds. Producer has high demand, and he's pickier than me, if he finds out it's out of tune, he will require me to sing it again immediately, how can you release something that's out of tune? You treat almost 30 people who listened to this song have hearing problems? Everyone no need be this exaggerated." But she admitted she felt she can do better in expressing emotions, so she wants to re-record, she said: "I was in an asthma attack during recording. I didn't do well in exhaling and other things. Songs that are sent to radio stations are just demos, cannot be put into the CD. Just like filming, emotions and scripts aren't right, you can NG many times, this is a typical album creation." But Miriam denied recycling, she said some people think her first version is good, then they will put that one on air. Just like her husband Real Ding also thinks her first version is good.

Been in the showbiz for many years, whether this is the first time re-recording? Miriam denied, said maybe she wasn't popular in the past, that's why no one talks about it. As for being teased by Mario Cordero, she didn't get upset and said it means she's valuable if seniors criticized and paid attention to her. As an artiste, she should accept criticism, but she has her working standard. Maria said Sing Kwong Bond won't sing out of tune? She thinks everyone's personality and music style are different, no need to be stubborn. She joked: "I'm Capital Artist Wa Sing Bond, Wa Sing Bond personality, I'm sorry."


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