Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Feature] TVB's 'Green Leaf' Actors - Fathers Version Part 1

 You've seen these actors in many series, but you just can't recall their names...or do you even know their names? In this special feature, Kay introduces you these "green leaf actors" (minor characters who always appear in different series), because they really do deserve some applause from us. Without them, how can the leads seem important and starry?

 Fathers Version Part 1

Chow Chung 周骢
You shouldn't be unfamiliar with him, he plays a good dad usually, don't see him play someone evil in general. Chow Chung was very active in the movie industry from the 50s to late 70s. I think people nowadays are more familiar with him in "Love Undercover" collections, where he played Daniel Wu's rich father. In TVB series, he's more known in series like "Heart of Greed" (Linda's father who has alzheimer's disease, do you remember the part where he kept forgetting things and Moses Chan helped to fix his toilet + AC, and wash the cat?) and "Moonlight Resonance" (Louise Lee & Susanna Kwan's father, famous for using a spoon to hit Susanna XD). He's also in many series like "At the Threshold of an Era," "Dicey Business," and "You're Hired."

Chun Wong 秦煌
How could you forget his distinctive look! He's been in TVB for more than 30 years and played over 100 series! Because of his size, he always play big and happy characters, like Myolie Wu's dad in "To Grow With Love," Nancy Wu's rich dad in "A Chip Off The Old Block," Chris Lai's dad in "Hearts of Fencing," etc. He was in a boat accident in 2008 and thank god he was saved, otherwise we would lose another great 'green leaf' actor!

Kwok Fung 郭峰
He has been very active in 2000s, especially in 2003, 2007, and 2009, where he was in at least 8 series! He can go both ways, good and bad. He played a good and caring dad (Raymond Wong's dad) in "Sweetness in the Salt," lively detective and father in "D.I.E" and "O.L. Supreme," and a "dai lo" father of Natalie Tong in "A Watchdog's Tale." He can also be someone powerful like in 2009's "Rosy Business," where he played a powerful Wong Ye.


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