Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sharon Chan Loves To Eat Malaysian Food, But Doesn't Know How To Cook It

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: KAY

Sharon Chan and Chow Chung attended to a Malaysian carnival event yesterday. The two cooked Malaysian food char kway teow in the event. Sharon wore a white tube dress and 5-6inches heels. She seemed taller than guest Chow Chung and host Jack Wu. Sharon expressed she likes to eat Malaysian food especially Bak kut teh, but she only knows how to eat: "I'm good at eating, but not good at cooking."

Sharon admitted she likes to eat Malaysian food very much. She tried many local foods when she went to Sabah to film "Born Rich." Asked has she ever cook for boyfriend? Sharon said: "I made steak for him in Valentine's Day, but have to spend lots of time, so I would only make it once or twice a year." She stressed it's her mother who usually cooks, so she doesn't cook much in general. But she believes women must know how to cook: "My best dish is chicken wings with oyster sauce, simple three dishes and soup aren't challenging for me. But if I'm free, I would like to go learn cooking. Today I'm here with chef Chow Chung and I'll take this opportunity to learn some from him."


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