Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kenneth Ma Exposes Raymond Lam Is The Most Unfaithful

TVB new series "Mysteries of Love" (談情說案) held a promotional event yesterday. Actors from the series Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Jessie Shum and Lee Yee Man etc all attended. Characters were introduced in a form of award ceremony. Kenneth, who has had bed and kissing scenes with many actresses, was awarded with "Most Fa Fit [unfaithful] Man," but when he received his award, he said: "In real life it's Raymond Lam! I just share some with him in the series."

Then later Kenneth denied saying Raymond is "fa fit": "I said Raymond has many fans in reality! (You are lucky this time?) Yes! The best character of the year, never kissed that much and that intimate, better than Wai Siu Bo." As for Raymond, he said the amount of kissing and intimate scenes he has had these past 10 years doesn't match Kenneth's. He expressed jealousy: "In reality I have more love affairs than Kenneth? I want to, but there isn't any. (No pursuers?) I'll be afraid if there isn't any, but I have no time."

In addition, Tavia lost chance of taking stage shows because of her sick throat. Asked will she accept swimwear show in the summer? She said: "I don't mind, depends on the pay, in fact I never walk a swimwear show before, because the pay isn't appealing." In the event, Raymond repeated the proposal scene again and fans were very into it.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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