Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fiona Sit Is Willing To Perform For ATV Again

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Fiona Sit Is Willing To Perform For ATV Again

ATV's 15th Top Ten Television Commercial Award Ceremony was held yesterday. Besides performance from Fiona Sit, and Kelvin Kwan etc, who didn't have singer contract with TVB, Kelly Chen also recorded a video clip to congratulate.

Fiona said: "Since the tax incident, this is my first television performance, it's anticipating. I don't mind which TV station, I would sing and dance on stage, I also invited dancers to come." Asked the difference between the two TV stations? She said: "It's two different stations, of course there's some difference. But I'll try harder to sing, like put yourself into games." Because she had a contract with TVB, she has to wait 7 months before she can appear in other station: "This year would be my harvest year, I'll have films and TV series coming up next." Fiona expressed if ATV invite her again, she will definitely appear again, no need to be afraid of being blacklisted by TVB: "I'm just an artiste under a company, no right to choose who to work with."


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