Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jessica Hsuan Hopes To Register For Marriage in South Africa

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Yesterday the cast of "Sisters of Pearl" attended to the promotion event for series. Jessica Hsuan denied getting married: "We didn't went there to meet his parents, just to travel, it's a coincidence that his hometown is in South Africa. (Did his family urge about your wedding?) No, they're very nice, get along well, I spent a very peaceful vacation there, I myself loves the natural Africa, his family has a farm, wake up everyday with cockcrowing. (Like this type of life after getting married?) Didn't think about it. (When will you get married?) Definitely not this year, and won't let age restrict us, as long as we get along. (Register in South Africa?) Would love to."

Kiki just returned from abroad, she said she's trying hard to keep fit: "With the help of machines and Chinese medicines, it's quite hard actually, but it's for looking good in the two dressing during wedding. (Your goal is?) Lose 10+ lbs, now I lost about half of it." Michael Tao was said to date young girls, and he felt helpless about it: "I already replied that day, won't talk about it anymore, I cannot control what people do, will treat it like promoting for this series."


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