Friday, May 7, 2010

Jay Chou As A Vampire, 10 Million MV Breaks Record

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

Jay Chou spent a lot for new MV "跨時代" and he turned into a charming vampire. The album would be released in Asia in May 18.

Besides inviting little Chiling Lin to be in the MV, Jay specially created a million-worthed piano. The whole MV broke Jay's record of filming a single MV.

Creation and MV filming of "跨時代" invovled different space and time. This song is an inspiration when Jay was filming "Uncle George" MV in 2008. The tower props inspired him all of a sudden. He wanted to start creating a new song and film a new MV.

Within 2.5-hours, the crew finished filming demo and dancing part. To finish music and images in a short amount of time, it's hard not to admire Jay's talent.

Jay disclosed his special piano would be used in his new "Super Era World Tour Concert." In order to prevent leaks of Jay's 10th album "跨時代," the company insisted a simultaneous release in Asia. People who pre-ordered it would receive a set of stickers including images of new album cover and concert poster.

In addition, as for the rumor of Jay filming "Yip Man 3," his company cleared up saying they didn't make any contacts with the team nor with the director.


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