Friday, May 7, 2010

Carina Lau Goes Shopping To Fight Prenatal Depression

Source: XPWeekly
Translated by: KAY @

After trying for 2 years and spending about 500,000HKD for artificial semination, Carina Lau finally became a mom at the age of 44!

Happy for this big present, earlier this year Carina already returned to her hometown Suzhou to relax. She also stopped drinking, smoking, and partying to prevent miscarriage. Unfortunately, she became more stressed and nervous. Plus husband Tony Leung isn't there with her, Carina started to become depressed and has to relax by shopping.

Lately she showed up in Central with her big belly and seemed to have gained about 10kg. Wearing a scarf, mask, black sunglasses and cap in a warm weather (20-ish Celsius), it's hard to hide her curvier body. Reporters saw her tried on 15 pairs of shoes in half hour. In the end she bought several pairs of flats. She wasn't aware of being followed and appeared surprised when she saw reporters. She went back into the store accompanied by security guard. After about 10 minutes, Carina left escorted by staff. Although reporters nearby were taking pictures of her, but she still got onto the car slowly and carefully.


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