Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jay Chou Doesn't Wear Underwear In 'Kangxi,' Xiao S Checks It Herself

Jay Chou went to "Kangxi Lai Le" to promote his new album and concert in Taipei arena yesterday. He expressed he doesn't like to wear underwear and that shocked host Xiao S. She stood up immediately and walked to Jay to check. Jay said: "Really don't have it on!" After Xiao S checked, she said: "Really doesn't have it on!" Cai Kang Yong then asked: "You never wear it once every time you come to Kangxi?" Jay said: "No! Don't wear it really!" Jeff Huang next to him also joined the conversation: "I also don't wear it!" Xiao S ignored him: "Forget it!" Then she walked back to her seat.

Jay is cross-ridden with "Wu Kong Mei" Honey Chen Yi Ting lately. Kang Yong asked Jay: "Do you think our show troubled you?" Jeff replied immediately: "You're always the troubling unit." Kang Yong said: "But we didn't ask them to say anything, they said they want to say it." After Kang Yong kept asking, Jay expressed generously that friends often see what people said on Kangxi, but let the past go.

Besides accompanied musically for Xiao S in the show, he also performed magic to her. But after the performance, Xiao S walked back to her seat after she discovered she was tricked. Jay said: "You're supposed to be happy performing magic! It's not relevant to the tricks." Jay expressed again: "I learned some lessons lately, won't dare to randomly perform magic again, must confirm the identity of that person, because I performed to many people earlier! I really don't remember who did I perform to."

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @


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