Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kelly Chen's Son Learns How To Say 'BA' and 'MA'

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Kelly Chen posted photos of her 10-months-old son "Har Gau Jai" Chace yesterday on her blog. She titled her post "A Day with Chace." Ten-months-old and weights 26lbs, Chace is chubby and cute. His eye brows and mouth are just like his mom. He seems to inherit good genes from his parents, who are both tall, that he is as big as a 24-months-old baby.

Kelly expressed Chace is lively and active. He likes to crawl around in the house and needs Kelly and family members to pay close attention. Chace grew 7 little teeth and started to babble. Kelly said excitedly: "Yesterday was his first time saying 'BA' and 'MA,' then he babbled many more things, like giving a speech! Don't know what was he trying to say, but I'm very happy, so want to share with you all here! Hope baby and you guys are in good health!"

She also expressed she would cut hair for Chace and cook nutritional meals when she's free: "I make nutritional foods for him, like egg and fish. Chace likes to eat fruits very much, especially kiwi, banana, and orange!"


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