Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng Don't Plan To Have Children

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Yoyo Mung attended to a furniture company anniversary event yesterday. She expressed lately she developed interest in art of tea. Asked whether she wants to make tea to future mother-in-law? She said: "I need to learn more about it, this is something at least a year later." Ekin Cheng talked about marriage plans earlier in interviews, Yoyo replied: "No such thing as marriage." It's said the two has different sayings, Yoyo said: "After we accepted interviews, let it go, won't tell our other half about it. We really don't have marriage plans, would talk about it at least a year later."

Yoyo expressed she've talked about having children with Ekin. They agreed they won't have children. Yoyo said: "Unless the system in Hong Kong is simpler, otherwise we won't have children. I see children nowadays have to go to school and after-school classes, it's like you need to be good at everything, it's hard." She disclosed when she returned to Hong Kong from Mainland, Ekin came to pick her up at the airport. Did he prepared flowers and a ring? Yoyo joked: "If he did something like that, then he's not Ekin!"


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