Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Han Geng Returns To Chinese Music Industry, Asks Notable Musicians For Collaboration

Source: Sina
Translated by: KAY

 A music press event was held in Beijing yesterday and many musicians came to support. Han Geng, who has been keeping a low-profile since filing lawsuit against SM Entertainment, appeared as secret guest. Fans screamed when they saw him. He specially announced his official comeback to the Chinese music industry. With that many notable musicians present, Han Geng took this opportunity and expressed his hope of collaboration: "I hope teachers can help me to create a brand new album." As for that, Yuan Wei Ren (notable Taiwanese musician) said: "We already started to produce an album. It would feature fast dance tracks, which he is good at. Of course we would also cover fast, average and slow tracks as well. We recorded half already." Another musician Gao Xiao Cong joked collaborating with Han Geng is a business secret and cannot be disclosed. Zhang Ya Dong said he's willing to try a new creative direction for Han Geng.


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