Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penny Tai Goes Topless For TV Commercial

Penny Tai is endorsing a Japanese brand tea drink. In order to present a fresh, healthy, and pretty image in the commercial, she went topless and covered her chest with her arms only. Standing in a sunny outdoor, she also had to sing the theme song during filming for 4 straight hours.

Because Penny's family is always conservative, asked how did they agree to make this bold move? She said with laughs: "Because within the world of music, we always present our true self in nude. When the crew brought me the rundown, I specially asked permission from my conservative parents. In the end they felt the commercial gives off a very fresh and healthy feeling, so I decided to film it!"

Worried whether it would too sexy? Penny first took a look at her chest, then pointed at her fringe with her fingers and said shyly: "My nudity won't give others a sexy feeling. More importantly, even if I took it off, it would be just like my hair, nothing worth seeing, not sexy, no one wants to see it!"


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