Thursday, May 6, 2010

Raymond Cho Turns Evil, Vents His Anger Through Slaps

Raymond Cho has slapping scenes in series "Fly With Me" and he vented his anger slapping others: "Every slap was real. Viewers watched 5 slaps, but in fact there were more than 20 slaps. Fortunately after I turned evil I slapped many people, too. I felt better." But he joked he doesn't mind being slapped by Ada Choi: "Doesn't mind being slapped by Ada, she kissed me so many times. That period she really did kiss me more than she kisses her husband."

Although "FWM" was accused of copying other works, Raymond said if those elements are good, shouldn't be afraid to be borrowed, and he expressed he's confident in ratings: "The series has so many elements, it's not just copying. At first I was a little disappointed at ratings, but I'm confident. For some series, you just have to wait. We still have about 10-ish episodes, hasn't reach the climax yet." Now hosting children programs, Raymond has no intention to have another baby: "Won't go for another one, one child is already stressful, when I have time I need to focus on my son."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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