Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sherry Chen Gives Up Education For Showbiz

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Miss Chinese International Sherry Chen Shuang's sexy see-lai image in "OL Supreme" is very attractive among men viewers. But she said at first she couldn't accept the see-lai role because she worried that she is still young and couldn't play the character well. Fortunately it's viewers-welcoming. She's happy that she can work with many senior artistes and praised Chapman To's acting is outstanding; his humorous personality made the crew very happy.

Chen said she is happy she can film new series "翡翠明珠" and gained many valuable experience from it. Her career seems to be going smoothly, but actually she made sacrifices behind that. She said in order to enter the showbiz, she gave up her economics degree, in which she is one year away from earning it. In the beginning her family strongly opposed the idea, but in the end she successfully convinced them. She said she's saving money and working hard to pay mortgage. She also said she sees TV queen Charamaine Sheh as her goal!


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