Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 9

An episode after the news of Ah Jeh's criticism is released.

Other artistes: Louis Yuen impersonated Bak Wing Kam who is lately involve in a political campaign, the superman pairing is pretty good haha.
Then Wong Cho Lam as Janet Bin!! Singing Ultraman Tiga's theme song, originally sings by Eason Chan. That tokusatsu is one of my childhood favorites, totally love how he edited the lyrics, not to mention how well he dressed up as Janet Bin XD Just like Janet Bin's younger brother.
Lastly Johnson Lee as Dave Wong Kit, I think he's better with Jacky Cheung, but Johnson definitely got Dave's singing style for sure.
Entertainment Report: It was all about Cecilia Cheung's delivery report. Gosh they did so well...Lucas Cho Lam on Nicholas Louis' arm HAH! being followed by all reporters.
Then the next plot was when Deborah and Patrick Tse came out to announce the good news. They teased Nicholas by saying he hit people when he's happy (Nicholas was involve in an assault case before) and teased Patrick by saying he likes to cheat LOL. And I like how they turned "pointing thumb" into saying "mo zee ping on."

Gag Father: The first one was so-so, I think most people laughed at the second joke---Q太郎

Kids In The City: The "kids" were discussing how to determine someone is a woman, the climax is definitely when Little X said Liza Wong isn't a woman because she never got pregnant and give birth! LMAO!

Ah Jeh's Singing: No more individual singing, she sang with Vinci and the Gods this time, shouldn't have too much criticism this time, she was so-so/good, maybe she's better off singing with other people...

Avatar as Grasshopper: Remember the Gods as Avatar in the Entertainment Report segment? Now they showed up together and performed, nice result XD

Artiste Impersonation: Not surprising, passed the audience being too nice??


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