Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Feature] TVB's 'Green Leaf' Actors - Mothers Version Part 1

You've seen these actors in many series, but you just can't recall their names...or do you even know their names? In this special feature, Kay introduces you these "green leaf actors" (minor characters who always appear in different series), because they really do deserve some applause from us. Without them, how can the leads seem important and starry?

Mothers Version Part 1

Calm Mom: Suet Nay 雪妮
Since her return to TVB in 1998, Suet Nay has been playing many people's moms: Maggie Cheung's mom in "Old Buddies 2," Dayo Wong's mom in "To Catch The Uncatchables" and "You're Hired," grandmom in "Rosy Business,"  Michael Miu & Tse's mom in "My Better Half"...etc. One similarity is the calm personality (due to her voice), but she can also be a little playful and closed-minded like in 'mother' "My Better Half."

Pretty Mom: Mannor Chan Man Na 陳曼娜
Mannor Chan often plays someone pretty, bold, and independent, like a pretty dancing teacher in "Steps," free artiste in this year's "Fly With Me," and a pungent wife in 2000's "Broadcast Life." In fact, she's an expert in dancing! She can be bold and also gentle, depending on her role.

Kind and caring mom: Chin Ho Wai 程可為
Guess what? She was actually a popular "fa dan" back in the day like Charmaine Sheh now. But she moved away and came back to HK again later. She has been working for TVB for more than 30 years and always plays a caring mom, like Steven Ma's mom in "A Watchdog's Tale," Ada Choi's mom in "Fly With Me," a little woman who listens to her male-chauvinist husband in "La Femme Desperado," But can also play some evil roles, like Choi Sheung Gong in last year's anniversary series "Beyond the Realm of Conscience."


I love this news! Thank you for sharing with us Kay!

thanks for liking it! I'll continue to do more of this :)

I'm looking forward for more Green Leaf fathers and mothers posts. Thanks for all you hard work Kay, I really appreciate your work and efforts to do all of this for us. Have a wonderful day/night :)

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