Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ella Plays A Pregnant Woman In Sweat, Sonia Sui Kisses In The Rain

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

Blue Lan and Sonia Sui kissed int the rain for nearly one hour for "P.S Man." Blue joked: "We kissed near fish ponds, so there was seafood smells." Sonia then said: "Sometimes the rain was too heavy, when we kissed, the rain dripped down from our mouths." This is Blue's other kissing scene in the drama after kissing Bianca Bai.

CTV/GTV's "Down With Love" will air its finale today/tomorrow (Sunday, May 23). Ella and Jerry will have a happy ending. But in a proposing scene, Jerry didn't seem to have good skills in proposing. His words cluttered during filming and made Ella laughed: "It's too bad! He can't find a wife!"

In the last episode (Episode 16), Ella will play a pregnant woman the first time. She put a big pillow on her stomach and filmed in a 38 Celsius hot weather. After several hours, her pillow got wet. Ella joked: "When we released our fourth best collection album, I, Selina, and Hebe all played pregnant women. Besides having a big belly, I also had a kid with me."

CTS' "Calling For Love" will feature man-to-man kissing between Mike He and Shawn Chen. Mike said: "The moment we kissed, I tried so hard to suppress my thought of kicking him away, it really was uncomfortable."


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