Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ah Jeh Has No Difficulty In Cleaning the House and Toilet, But Is Afraid of Taking Care of Babies

Liza Wang (Ah Jeh), Har Yue, Kevin Cheng, and Bernice Liu etc attended to the costume fitting for new series "Home Troopers" yesterday. Har Yue even brought his daughter to TV city. Ah Jeh said chores like cleaning toilet and house etc are no difficulties to her, because there wasn't a maid in her house when she was little, so she is very experienced in doing house chores. Now is husband the one doing chores? She said: "Maid will help us, but will still look after on our own, I'm a little mysophobic." Ah Jeh then said taking care of kids is actually a new challenge: "Tried holding kids before, but I really don't dare to hold little babies, I'm afraid of hurting them."

Kevin, who will play Ah Jeh's son, expressed cleaning toilet isn't a difficulty to him. He said: "I think anyone knows how to do house chores, just whether they're willing to do it or not. If it's too dirty and can't wait for others to help, you still need to do it yourself." First time working with Ah Jeh, Kevin expressed he doesn't have too much pressure. He praised Ah Jeh is easy to get along with and being on time isn't difficult for him. Bernice will play a bad girl in this series and will partner with a 3-year-old kid as her son. Bernice expressed her character's nature isn't bad, but just experienced many ups and downs.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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