Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nancy Wu and Selena Li Won't Admit They're 'Ma Ming So'

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY @

It's said after Kenneth Ma (Ma Ming, his Chinese nickname) broke up with Nancy Wu, he sparked up with Selena Li during filming. Two "Ma Ming Sos" attended to a soccer event yesterday and the organization arranged the two to stand next to a Kenneth Ma cardboard cutouts, making the two couldn't help laughing.

When Selena heard "New Old Ma Ming So," she immediately denied and looked at Nancy and said: "I'm not! Are you?" Nancy said embarrassingly: "I don't even know, that's how they reported, but it was in the past." Selena said she was rumored with Kenneth, she wasn't in Hong Kong. She felt confused after hearing the rumor.

The two were asked whether will fall in love with the same man? Selena said: "Probably won't, I don't like to fight for the same guy, it's troublesome, rather leave." Nancy said: "We don't like the same thing in general." As for rumors are being discussed in the event, Nancy expressed she was notified before the event that this topic would be involved, she said: "In fact when we're filming before, many people keep reporting already, plus lately Kenneth plays an unfaithful man in 'Mysteries of Love,' let's treat this like a promotion for that series!"

It's said if Selena didn't break up with Patrick Tang, it would be a four triangle relationship. Selena said embarrassingly: "Nothing is related." Nancy thinks rumors are just gossip topics and he's good friends with Kenneth. Asked whether they're still good friends after parting their ways? Nancy stressed again that they're good friends. Selena expressed she doesn't want to think about romance, let it be.


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