Friday, June 18, 2010

Angelababy Visits Huang Xiao Ming During Filming and Feeds Him Cherries

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY

 Huang Xiao Ming is currently filming Chen Kaige's "Orphans of Chaos" in Mainland. Reports pointed his rumored-girlfriend Angelababy came to visit him in low-profile yesterday. She brought a bag of fruits to share with the crew. But she shared an orange with HXM and even fed him cherries sweetly. They seemed to be very closed to each other.

During the visit, Angelababy wore a black shirt and arrived in low-profile. Coincidentally, HXM finished filming a set of scenes and sat next to a dressing table in his costume. Baby walked up to him immediately with a smile. The two talked for a while and HXM even introduced Baby to director Chen Kaige and Ge You, seems their relationship isn't a secret anymore. But Baby was very alert. As long as people raised their cameras to take pictures, she would turned around immediately to avoid the camera, or covered her face with tissue.


I'm disappointed that HXM would like someone so fake. Someone who obvious wasn't confident enough in herself that she need such extreme plastic surgery. Face it, HXM would have never liked her without the fake money-purchased face.

Seriously who cares if she has PS or not. Does it really concern you?
He's not perfect himself, and it's their lives, why care so much?

Oh god just by her name I already don't like her. HXM deserves someone so much better than this. It's not like I don't want him to date but dating this girl is a no =_=

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