Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a Must-do For Idol Drama Male Stars to Show Off Their 6-Pack Abs

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

In idol dramas, male stars are often required to show their 6 pack abs. SETTV program assistant director joked: "Our male lead must have 6 pack, female stars would be better to have C-cup, must compete with Koreans."

Lately, Peter Ho, Tony Yang, Michael Chang, and Mike Ho took off their clothes for idol dramas. Tony Yang played a dad in "Ni Yada." Director arranged a bath scene for him. When taking a bath with his son in the drama, Tony's chest exposed and netizens greatly praised his body. He joked: "Hope after this scene is out, can attract companies to ask me to endorse body wash."
Mike He has a scene in idol drama 「幸福最晴天」(Sunny Happiness) where he wears swim pants. He was teased that his "scale" shrunk compared to when he shoot lingerie advertisements before. Mike cleared up: "Really didn't shrunk, just during photo shoot, we didn't move, something might be done. But filming is in motion, I can only say, I'm still very spectacular."

Michael Chang also has bath scenes in idol drama 「男生宿舍的女生」 (direct translation: The Girl In Boy's Dorm). Director didn't feel it's enough and arranged two bath scenes. He was filming these scene at an elementary school that day. He covered his lower half body immediately when he stepped out from the tub, but still attracted some elementary school students to watch, making him embarrassed.

Michael is confident in his body, but he doesn't like to have 6 pack: "It's too disgusting!" He only wants to keep his body in shape through exercise.
Compared to Michael, Vanness Wu works out actively. He has to eat 8 egg whites every day, plus vegetables. He doesn't touch starch in order to train to have muscle lining using protein. Peter Ho also showed off his good body in "Summer's Desire." In a swimming scene, he showed off his 6-packs.


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