Friday, June 18, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin to Compete For Golden Bell's 'Best Supporting Actor'

Five-year-old Xiao Xiao Bin is competing "Best Supporting Actor" in this year's Golden Bell Award! It's known SETTV already applied this category for him. He would compete with 58-years-old, Taiwan's most popular 'ojisan' Wu Nien Jen for this award.

Last year, Xiao Xiao Bin filmed "Autumn's Concerto" when he wasn't even five. His vivid performance earned him the title genius child star. Later, he even participated in films and hosting. When SETTV prepared their list of Golden Bell nominations, they decided to put Xiao Xiao Bin along with "AC"s Wu Kang Ren in the "Best Support Actor" category. SETTV expressed, for a five-year-old child, his performance is really too excellent, it's worth to be acknowledged the happiness he brought to everyone.

In SETTV's nomination list, besides Wu Kang Ren, Xiao Xiao Bin's competitor includes director Wu Nien Jen, who is 52 years of his senior. Wu Nian Chen played James Wen's dad in "The Year of Happiness and Love." His character's traditional and restrained personality once touched many audience like Xiao Xiao Bin did.

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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