Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bosco Wong Admits Plagiarizing, 'Hope Everyone Understand'

Source: Apple Daily / Translated by: KAY @

Bosco Wong released new album lately. Within the album, MV for new song 《越過高山越過谷》 (Over the Mountain Over the Valley), produced by record company AMusic, is very similar to American singer Chris Brown's "With You."
 MV of "With You" and "Over the Mountain Over the Valley" both feature solo street dancing. Both leads are dancing and singing on the streets at night. Besides having a pretty woman in a luxury car, Bosco's dances like 360 degree turns and moonwalk, etc also happened to appear in Chris Brown's "With You." It's just Bosco's skill and quality of his MV cannot be compared to "With You."

Yesterday Bosco admitted once taking reference from MV of "With You." He said on the phone: "Director said concept in the MV is similar, but the story is different, just the way of filming it and idea is similar." As for accused of plagiarizing, Bosco joked: "Can't compare my dancing with Chris Brown's. The way I filmed it that day is learn it and dance it right a way, did everything in 6 hours. In Hong Kong, 9 1/2 things out of 10 are accused of plagiarizing, but the market here has many limits, even if the original creativity is very good, but there might not be any budget to support. Although copying concept isn't right, but hope Hongkongese support Hongkongese, hope everyone can understand."


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