Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Andy Hui Talks About Reconciling With Sammi Cheng

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @

Andy Hui has been rumored about reconciling with Sammi Cheng. Lately even a proposal version appeared. Yesterday when he record for "Jade Solid Gold," reporters joked they have to congratulate him. He expressed the reason why he won't reply to the reconciliation rumor is because he doesn't want to complicate it. He is helpless that until now there isn't any big headline to take the attention away from the rumor. When he read about the proposal report, he said he was stunned. He also expressed when he saw Sammi replies to the incident, he thinks she's right and agreed that eating dinner and taking the same plane together don't mean too much. He said dating just want to face one person. As for when Sammi talks about reconciling in the future, she seems to leave a room, Andy agreed. He also used the example that he doesn't know what to order for tomorrow's dinner to described their future. But he denied buying a car and house to live together, and stressed they never lived together. Asked whether when he dates is one to one? He just patted on reporter's shoulder, didn't reply and walked away.

In addition, haven't appear in JSG for a long time, Gigi Leung sang a new Cantonese song yesterday and song old songs when she first debut. As for Fiona Sit is secretly photographed, she criticized this is not right and should be punished to prevent bigger harm.


I really want Andy and Sammi to be back together again. They are so perfect for each other. I hope one day God will lead them two back together. You can tell that both of them still have feelings with each other everytime they perform. Their chemistry is just amazing

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