Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raymond Lam Won't Invite Linda Chung As Performing Guest

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Raymond Lam announced another show (July 28) would be added in his upcoming concert in HK Coliseum, performing three shows in total. He opened champagne with high executives Ng Yu, Virginia Lok, and Ho Lai Chun etc to celebrate. He was once carried away that he broke the glass on the table. Raymond said: "It's not my request to add another show, tickets are really sold out, I owe many tickets for other people, don't know how to make those tickets appear." Did Raymond's dad buy many tickets to support? "No! He never do that type of thing, not even when I release album, how many relatives there are equals how many tickets they would get."

Last time in his concert Raymond wore T-back and played with water. He expressed this time he would play with fire and be sexy, but didn't expose anything else: "Don't know how the outfits are going to look like, anyways there is no bottom line, it's more important to suit the whole song, won't create something on purpose. (How many more shows do you want to add?) If I can handle it then there is no problem, I really want to add in my heart, but need to be perfect in every show, not like it's better to add more. (Practiced with Joey Yung?) No, but still many ideas, also want to invite Ah Sa as guest. (Would consider Linda Chung?) No, don't want to have conflicts when releasing products, plus this year I want to do more on my own."


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