Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calvin Chen Enters MTV, DJ Ken Goes to Another Station

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @

Fahrenheit's Wu Zun has the most limelight. Other members are seeking chances in the variety show industry. After Jiro Wang was confirmed to host 綜藝大國民 Calvin Chen replaced host DJ Ken to host MTV's 日韓音樂瘋 (J-Pop and K-Pop Music Fever). DJ Ken just finished his last time recording and he clarified that he asked for resignation himself.

Fahrenheit is confirmed to reunite and release a new album. But before this happened, besides Wu Zun is currently filming idol drama 陽光天使 (Sunshine Angel) with Rainie Yang, Aaron Yan is filming "Love Buffet," Jiro and Calvin both have new developments and both stepped into hosting TV programs. Calvin would go to MTV next week to record 日韓音樂瘋」. He's been doing research lately to learn relative information, planning to do well in this new job.

Host of 日韓音樂瘋was DJ Ken before. He has been hosting for 3 and a half years so far, but suddenly it's changed to Calvin and it caused replacement rumor. Yesterday DJ Ken said he's learning Korean right now, but when Korean artistes came to the show, he still cannot follow their tempo, so he decided to rest first: "It's me who asked for resignation, I didn't get fired." He also joked Calvin would definitely have a good time with it. It's known DJ Ken is actually raided by Channel V.


I'm curious with this sentence "Wu just finished his last time recording and he clarified that he asked for resignation himself." What does the exact meaning the sentence is bringing??? Is he leaving Fahrenheit??!!!

dear jc: im sry i made this mistake. I originally used DJ Ken's real name Wu Chien Heng instead of DJ Ken in this article, i overlooked and didn't change it now you mentioned it. It's not Wu Zun! thank you for bring it up :)

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