Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fans Never Leave or Abandon, Danson Tang Sobs

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @

After keeping quiet for more than a year, Danson Tang is releasing new album 「D1秒」 (First Second). Within the first ten days of preorder, sales already reached 5,000 copies. Yesterday fans from all over the world including England, Italy, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia etc got together for the album signing and performing event and they gave Danson many gifts to encourage him. Seeing fans never leave or abandon him, Danson bowed down to thank them and even sobbed during the event.

Danson's first single "I'm Back" features Amber@f(x). The MV reached the homepage of Korean YouTube. Fans want to pair up Danson with Amber, he said in the beginning he thought she is very manly. After getting along for a while, he found out Amber has her sweet and shy side. The two communicated using simple Chinese and English: "We get along comfortably, more suitable of being brothers!"

Danson has a European fans club and is working hard in breaking into the Japanese and Korean market. New album 「D1秒」 is not in the Taiwanese market yet but already on sale in Korea and Japan. Dyed his hair reddish blond and wore army style clothing, plus dance, he is very Korean style influenced. Danson's mom originally worried his new haircut would be too "Tai Ke," but she is relieved when she saw the MV.

His new song is created by a Dane-Canadian musician. Danson himself also participated in lyrics, taking the international route. Earlier he built a base by filming idol dramas and even have fans in Thailand. His music company specially made a huge golden balloon, letting him and fans to inflate and burst it, meaning restarting his career can go skyrocket high.


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