Sunday, June 13, 2010

Double J Jay & Jolin Reunites, Causing Climax in Taipei Arena

Source: UDN and China Times / Translated by: KAY @

It was Jay Chou's third show for his 'cross generation' concert in Taipei arena, every night he would bring different surprises to the audience. Last night besides singing <<落雨聲>> with Jiang Hui, during encore when singing "Give Me the Time of A Song" <<給我一首歌的時間>>, Jolin Tsai appeared surprisingly as performing guest and danced with Jay. It was also the first time double J performed together since Jolin's concert in 2004.

Jolin suddenly appeared on the stage and sang "Give Me the Time of A Song" <<給我一首歌的時間>>, Jay and his dancers danced behind her. Jolin walked slowly and charmingly to Jay, and danced intimately with him. The two looked at each other affectionately then continued to perform, having a great chemistry. After performing, Jolin left, and Jay said: "It's different, it's different, just have to be different."

It's known Jay personally invited Jolin as performing guest on the phone and she accepted it generously. The two were very cautious about it to prevent the news leaking to the public. They secretly practiced together once then practiced the second time the afternoon before the show time.

As for whether they're reconciling? Jolin's manager Wang Yong Liang replied: "She wants to give everyone a surprise! They're just friends." He said outsiders believe they won't be on the same stage, so she wants to entertain everyone this way. At the end of the concert, Jay asked the audience: "Is it awesome today? It's important to be awesome, today there's a special feeling, don't ask me whether there's any change, because I've been changing."


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