Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kang Kang@'Ni Yada' Gets Popular, Filming Crew is Busy Serving Her

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: KAY @

Since "Ji Bao Bei" (Baby Ji) from "Fated to Love You," recently TTV/SETTV's "Ni Yada" (倪亞達) made another dog star called "Kang Kang" (康康). She is treated with courtesy. If she isn't in a good mood during filming, the crew has to wait for her. Yao Yao and Bowie Tseng etc have this experience. Bowie disclosed, they once bought an anti-depressant toy for dogs for Kang Kang to bite, calming her mood.

Kang Kang got popular because of "Ni Yada," but because she's an animal, sometimes she gets moody during filming, and even more arrogant than human. But her cuteness is being discussed by netizens, who believe she is a must have humor, some even said: "If ratings broke 4, tell Kang Kang to swim in nude!"

Some fans want to buy a bull terrier because of Kang Kang's popularity, but the production team told everyone to adopt instead of buying, otherwise there are more and more stray dogs.

**Kay's P.S.** I love Ji Bao Bei <3 Kang Kang's another great dog!! Her real name is actually Nana LOL. Ni Yada is a great drama using a kid's point of view to look at the adult's world, you pick up your childhood memories when watching this, there isn't any big action thing nor cruel love, but innocence.


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