Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Appears, Lucas: Don't Say My Mom is Fat

Source: UDN, Mingpao (pictures)
Translated by: KAY @

Stephen Chow's animated "CJ7" held a press event yesterday in Shanghai international film festival. After showing up on the red carpet for the film festival's opening ceremony, this time Cecilia Cheung appeared again as the film's theme song performer. Her first son Lucas also made his appearance to the event, taking the limelight greatly.

It's already sensational for Cecilia to show up at the press event, but the most surprising thing is that during the event, suddenly a kid ran onto the stage---it was actually Lucas. Lucas was very lively on the stage, sometimes hugging his mom, sometimes crawl on the sofa, and accidentally fell, but Cecilia was very calm: "Boys should be braver." She didn't help her son to get up, instead Stephen was worried, wanted to bring Lucas back to his seat, but Lucas rejected Stephen's help, causing the audience to laugh.

Cecilia gave the mic to her son, telling him to greet everyone, Lucas spoke in English: "I love you.....Don't say my mom is fat." Because photographers kept taking pictures of Cecilia and Lucas, the flash angered Lucas and he kept saying in English: "You guys are naughty, taking pictures of me!" He also tried to block the flash with his hands.

Talked about sing the theme song with Lucas, Cecilia said: "After I made my promise, dark circles appeared, because I had to wake up at 6:30AM everyday to sing with him. He doesn't know Mandarin, he speaks English." Asked whether she lets her son to step into showbiz with this opportunity, she said: "My plan is to let him focus in his studies, didn't think of letting him to step into the industry."

Stephen expressed: "Lucas is only doing things kids like to do, he would continue his studies after singing this theme song." Cecilia suddenly asked back "Are you my husband?" Making Stephen held a V-sign helplessly and smiled.


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