Monday, June 14, 2010

Double J Reconciles? Jay Chou: Don't Be Ridiculous

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @

Jay Chou's concert ended wonderfully. He explained about inviting ex Jolin Tsai as performing guest: "Thinking that we scared you all, I'm very awesome." But he cleared up that the two are just god friends, asked about whether there is a chance of reconciling again in the future, Jay expressed: "Don't be ridiculous, it has been ten years, but hope this classic moment will live long."

Jay personally invited Jolin on the phone and she accepted generously. They only practiced once in a dance studio near Taipei arena, and practiced the second time before the show. During practice, he disclosed it exceeded more than a song's time, but he expressed: "Not embarrassed during practice, interaction was very natural, nothing ambiguous." As before the show, in order to prevent breaking this surprise, Jolin went to watch a movie in the afternoon first to distract her possibility of attending to Jay's concert.

Jay said: "When finding special guest, she's the most special." The media pointed out lyrics in "Long Time No See" <<好久不見>> has feelings of reconciling, Jay once thought of backing out the plan, but he decided to go for it for the performance: "This time collaborating, everyone doesn't have to play old news tapes, giving you a new scenery to play."

Asked why didn't he kiss Jolin when they were dancing intimately, he expressed it's just a performance, he was blanked out inside his brain, only remembering dance steps, but he used a dance teacher's saying: "Use dancing to 诠释 everything." Double J reuniting again after 6 years, Jay felt Jolin has changed and still at her peaking stage, he also praised Jolin is the model of artistes.

In addition, double J reuniting for concert shocked everyone, fans are happy to see their real reconciliation. As for the poll "You think Double J reconciled?" in Yahoo, 59.1% votes believe "not reconciled, just a stunt for the concert." 33.5% believe "reconciled, announce to the public by collaborating in concert." Jay expressed confessing love and proposing in concert aren't suitable for him.


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