Monday, June 14, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Cries: 'Picking Bones in Eggs'

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai last night. She was in a relaxed mood before, but when she stepped out, she was surrounded by many reporters, making her hard to walk. As for reporters' questioning, she replied very politely. Talked about whether she would hold a hundred day celebration for second son Quintus, she expressed they worried it's too dangerous because of bacterias; she also disclosed they already picked a Chinese name for Quintus. Because it was getting messy, many reporters fell while following Cecilia, and almost bump to her, making Cecilia's manager very worried. Because she doesn't want cause more chaosa, Cecilia decided to be quiet.

Later, Cecilia accepted interview by cable TV. Talking about the chaos at the airport, she said she was afraid, and also a little unhappy, she was too emotional at once that she sounded shaky: "Fans already notified me that there were many reporters out there, I very worried about Lucas' safety, so we left separately, fortunately they surrounded me, not Lucas!" As for being said she traveled abroad without lying-in a month after giving birth, Cecilia said with teary eyes: "How come they didn't do some research first? I gave birth on May 12, I left to Shanghai on June 11, even have to count that one day? How come they are nitpicking?"


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