Monday, June 14, 2010

Huang Xiao Ming's Acting in 'Summer's Desire' is Criticized As Disgusting

Huang Xiao Ming updated his status on Weibo about meeting Da S Barbie Hsu in Shanghai Film Festival, he wrote: "Luo Xi hasn't stop missing Xia Mo, don't want to take care of appearance, got wanner." In the picture he posted, he indeed looked thinner and stubble appeared, seems like he hasn't able to pull himself out from his character in "Summer's Desire."

Peter Ho once said if ratings of "Summer's Desire" broke 5% in Taiwan, he would ask Huang Xiao Ming to swim in nude, but Mainland netizens made fun of it: "Looking at the current situation, there is no chance of even running nude!" They felt Huang Xiao Ming's acting made his character look very scary, fake, and disgusting. They also think he has bad acting, some said: "When searching in Baidu, can see N number of news criticizing his acting." Producer Peter spoke up through his manager: "Luo Xi in the novel is gentle and mysterious, Huang Xiao Ming did a good job portraying it."

Even Da S Barbie Hsu cannot escape the cruel criticism: "I can only say that Da S's acting is still in the early stage of development." Besides being criticized in acting, her facial expressions are being criticized as well: "Facial muscle is saggy, time has no mercy."

**Kay's P.S.** I don't find a thing in Luo Xi/Huang Xiao Ming that's disgusting, those netizens are probably jealous men 

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @ 


Stupid!!!! I really love his character. The words fake and disgusting are too harsh to describe him. Damn stupid netizens!!!!

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