Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fifteen Miss Hong 2010 Contestants Bikini Round One in India

Source: Singtao, The Sun (pictures)
Translated by: KAY

Fiften Miss Hong Kong semifinalists went to India lately and they showed up in bikini the first time. Thier bodies immediately grabbed media's attention. Number 8's Sammi Pang Wai Chung, number 3's Queelie Cheung Ai Ting, and Number 15's Suyen Cheung have bigger busts. Tang Wei look-a-like's number 11 Elle Lee won with her white skin and even body.

In the past there were some chubby contestants, but this year some contestants are skinny, especially number 7's Lise Ho Lok Pien; she is named "rib contestant." She was asked whether she has anorexia, she denied immediately, and think she has a pretty nice body, it's just she has been skinny from when she was little and doesn't know why. Reporters questioned how much does she weigh? She only said 100-ish pounds, refused to disclosed the exact number.

Number 11's Elle, whose limelight was stolen, said she is very satisfied with her body, but still want to be a little thinner. She praised greatly of Sammi Pang's body, but she doesn't envy it. As for reports doubting her university degree, she told reporters confidently to go check it themselves. As for it's said she is very open that she goes around to meet opposite sex? She said with a little surprise: "How can it be? My family is very strict. (Whether would play wildly with guys?) No, already tired from work, rather relax at home. I had a boyfriend once in college, now I don't have one, but also want date."

In addition, number 6's Janice Lam Bik Chan appeared first in bikini that she seemed a little nervous. She feels her waist is a little fat, so she would eat less. She also replied to a picture one magazine published, saying that guy in the picture is her ex-boyfriend, but it was 3/4 years ago.


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