Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Replace Super4 to Sing For 'World Cup'

Source: Next Magazine
Translated by: KAY

Jade Solid Gold's ratings dropped lately, TVB can't push its singers to the top. Taking the advantage of World Cup popularity, TVB GM Mona Fong tried other ways to save themselves and ordered Bosco Wong and Ron Ng to sing theme song for World Cup related Korean drama "Heading to the Ground."

Too Nervous, Sing Wrong Lyrics

Last Saturday (June 12), Bosco and Ron arrived at TV City to work, recording theme song and filming MV for Korean drama "Heading to the Ground," which would be released after World Cup programs and would be played three times a day. Because the two suddenly received this notice a day before, they weren't prepared and had to cram.

Busy filming TV series and only got 2-hours of sleep, Ron seemed to be energetic, but in fact he still sang wrong lyrics even looking at them, and Bosco, who stood outside the camera, had to remind Ron often. However, even Bosco him who was looking at the lyrics also, sang the wrong lyrics along with Ron. Time was short, the director skipped to film Bosco's part. Bosco had to dance and create dance steps at the same time. He was nervous that he sweated a lot, but he still found joy in sorrows, teasing himself using Raymond Lam's concert theme: "We're Let's get wet."

Also notified in a rush, Syre Ma is the female lead in the MV and she just has to dance. But although she she has a base in Chinese dance, she was still challenged when she suddenly required to dance flamenco.

Mona Fong Requests to Change People

"Orginally Super4 (TVB's new idol group) already recorded the theme song and choregraphed the dance, ready to film MV on the 9th of this month. But after the meeting, everything had to stop all of a sudden. It's known Mona Fong wants to change them. Super4 are all newcomers and not many people know them. Plus this song is played after World Cup programs, and has to be played several times a day, MV will be played in TVB, so it's decided to find some popular artistes to sing it. Bosco released his album lately, he is in his promotion period, it can promote his popularity," staff disclosed.

As for taking this chance away from Super4, Bosco and Ron didn't know what is going on: "We both received a notice a day before to film MV. Whether this song is World Cup or drama theme song, we don't know, but we would try our best to corporate with our company."


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