Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui Take the Same Airplane to Return to Hong Kong

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

 Although Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui never admitted they reconciled, but yesterday the two took the same airplane to returned home from Taiwan. Sammi returned from promoting album. Did Andy went with her in secret, trying to reconcile?

Last night, Sammi and Andy walked out the gate separately. Andy left ten minutes earlier. Asked whether he went to Taiwan to be with Sammi? Andy kept his smile and said: "I went to Taiwan for work, asked well-known director to film MV for my new song 《金鐘罩》. I saw Sammi when I got to Taiwan. We both had our own work to do, didn't invite each other to meet." Andy only admitted taking the same plane Sammi did to return to Hong Kong, but asked how come they didn't leave together? Andy said: "She has more lugage, so I left first." As for whether they reconciled, Andy only answered "Went to Taiwan for work" to avoid answering question of reconciling.

Although Sammi wore sunglasses, but she still had smile on her face all the time. When reporters asked her about Andy, Sammi only said "Heard he went to film MV." She also admitted she was on the same plane with him. However, as for them reconciling, Sammi only replied with "HAHA." She even said reporters already asked a lot that they should be thirsty. In contrast, when talking about rumors of her dating Shawn Yue, Sammi expressed they're impossible to be together.


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