Monday, June 28, 2010

Hacken Lee is Heartached by Loss of England, Wants to Beat Referee

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Last night in the World Cup England vs. Germany. Because the referee judged the England's goal is invalid, England lost its chance of drawing the game, at the end it ended with 4-1. As a loyal England fan, Hacken Lee said on Weibo yesterday: "If anyone pay to beat the referee, I'll join."

Yesterday Hacken attended to a food event in a mall. He expressed he felt mad about referee's decision, criticizing the referee violated the principle of a fair competition. He said: "Don't know whether there's elements of personal opinion, or whether the referee did it on purpose, but even tennis has play back, now technology is very advanced, don't know why World Cup doesn't have this type of technology." Whether he's disappointed at England? He said: "Hope they would be better four years later. Except Ronney, everyone else has to be replaced, because they're really old players, need to have younger players, it's like even I can run faster than them." Last time he went to Germany to watch World Cup, because this year it's host in South Africa, he's afraid of dangers, he said kids and wife are young, so he didn't go; if he watched it at the stadium, he would be more disappointed.

Reports said Hacken host Commercial Radio's World Cup program for 1,500,000HKD. His partner Lam Hoi Fung is jealous, so he teases Hacken during the show all the time? As for that Hacken denied and said he got along well with Lam, it's a pleasant to talk about football at Commercial Radio.


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