Monday, June 28, 2010

Ming Dao is Afraid Not Prettier Than Cheryl Yang, Lost 2kg

Ming Dao returned to idol drama market in Taiwan, filming TTV/SETTV's new drama 《鐘無艷》 "Chong Wu Yan." Yesterday he and female lead Cheryl Yang met the first time on set. Because he doesn't want to be less pretty than Cheryl, he found a professional trainer to help him lose weight. He lost 2kg since filming.

Ming Dao and Cheryl once collaborated in "Angel Lover" in 2006. Ming Dao was already the top actor of SETTV and Cheryl was still trying hard to be the lead actress. After 3 years, the two continue their "acting fate." Cheryl is now a popular lead actress. Ming Dao praised her got prettier; Cheryl returned the favor, saying he is friendly and lively.

Idol drama is now in a trend that male leads have to take off their clothes. Ming Dao is losing weight for the drama, whether he plans to feed viewers' eyes with his body? He joked: "If there is, I would show it in a healthy attitude."

Talked about the type of girl he likes, he said he's not those who look solely at looks. When looking at a girl, he would look at her eyes first. He admires girls whose personality is calm and reasonable, type of girls "like Cheryl Yang."

Cheryl plays Chong Wu Yan, who has a red birthmark on her face. She hide her unconfidence of her appearance with a strong personality. Cheryl said, everyone's imperfection is unique, so he would accept herself completely. Talked about love, she thinks "inner heart is more important."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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