Monday, June 21, 2010

Harlem Yu and Selina Ren to Host 'Guess Guess Guess'

Jacky Wu asked for resignation from CTV's "Guess Guess Guess." If there is no sudden changes, new hosts for the show would be Harlem Yu and Selina@S.H.E, bringing new forces to this show that has been running for 14 years.

Variety show "Guess Guess Guess" is broadcast since July 4, 1995. Hosts were Long Hao Hua and ASOS, then Jacky replaced Long in March, 1997. Since then, female hosts have been changing over these years but Jacky himself. But these one and two years, he kept saying he would host less and "Guess" is included.

Earlier this month, he hosts new FTV show 《綜藝大國民》. On June 7, he pre-recorded three episodes of "Guess" all at once and resigned.

"Guess" is the longest variety show in Taiwan so far and it's acknowledged by Golden Bell in 2007. It's known this week the show would air its highlights and Jacky's last episode would be broadcast next week. In the following two weeks, highlights would be broadcast again. New hosts would start to host in July 24 and the name of the show remains "Guess Guess Guess."

New hosts of "Guess" are in favor of Harlem and Selina. So far the two have intentions, just missing the contract part. Harlem built his hosting skills from hosting "Super Sunday" with Chang Hsiao Yan; the show is also acknowledged by Golden Bell. Selina always want to be a host and once hosted "Guess" for 5 months in 2006. She also hosted temporarily for Xiao S in "Kangxi Lai Le" when Xiao S was pregnant. "Guess" just aired its 700th episode yesterday. It's a fresh partnership of Harlem with Selina; CTV hopes the two can continue this longest running variety show.

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @


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