Monday, June 21, 2010

Leon Lai Isn't at a Time of Having Babies

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY

 Leon Lai attended to a charity awards ceremony event yesterday. Because wife Gaile Lai had work, she couldn't receive "Community Award" herself. Leon arrived to nearly at the end of the event and couldn't take wife's award for her. Earlier Gaile said getting pregnant is nothing far away. Asked whether he has a plan of making babies? Leon said: "Every woman, has different feelings at different times, cannot force them, can only do right things at right times. Why always ask me when to have kids? Let me handle my life! You can force it, now I'm not doing it, meaning time is not right."

Talked about the MV of company's newcomer JW and Janice Vidal's new song 《男人信甚麽》 ("What Does Men Believe?"), it's confirmed Gaile and Korean star Jung Woo Sung would be the leads. Leon praised Gaile helped out a lot. Asked whether it works the best when husband and wife are collaborating together? Leon said: "It's not that, only work together if suitable, but even not suitable to work together, can still live together." Asked whether Gaile didn't receive any pay? Leon didn't reply, only said: "I'm not someone who creates publicity."

Leon expressed partner Gaile and Jung is his idea. Because JW isn't in Hong Kong, if Janice films the MV first, it would feel weird. He said: "JW treats school as her first priority, she still has two years until graduation, so can only meet everyone in the summer. She would definitely meet everyone, otherwise it's not polite. By then would even hold a mini concert." Asked whether would say happy birthday to Michelle Lee? Leon said: "This type of question is useless on me, won't answer just to reply."


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