Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jessica C. Celebrates World Cup With Hot and Sexy Photos

Source: Oriental Daily and The Sun
Translated by: KAY

World Cup kicks off today and model Jessica C. (JC) celebrates it with hot and sexy photos! Yesterday photos from her upcoming photo album were exposed, there are some half-nude photos where she lies on the bath tub topless, only covering her breasts with long hair. JC expressed during the photo shoot, she was extremely cautious with every move, trying not to expose her nipples. Of course bikini beach photos aren't left out, JC showed off her 4-inches deep 'career line' with tempting expression. Because of her busy schedule, this time she only took pictures in Hong Kong and Macau.

JC's photo album "Just Jessica" will be released along with the book fair. Her senior Ana R. is worried about Jessica's photo album, even being Jessica's image consultant and picked clothes for her, even teaching her how to pose sexily and attractively. Last year Angelababy and Chrissie Chau were big winners in the book fair. This year JC entered the battle, her manager is confident in JC's photo album, 15,000 copies have been printed, but expected to print more.

Always like to watch the World Cup, JC expressed she supports Brazil, loves Brazil's Kaka the most, she said: "Kaka is handsome and good, but most importantly he's a good husband and cares about the family. (Is he in your sexual fantasies?) Haha, in my heart my boyfriend is the best, no one can replace him."


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