Thursday, June 10, 2010

Selina's Dad Expose Daughter's Wedding Date, Rushing to Find New House and Getting Married Next Year

Source: Next Media
Translated by: KAY @

Selina Ren @ S.H.E accepted boyfriend of 3 years Richard Chang Cheng Chong's confession during her concert. Yesterday her dad Ren Ba exposed the two's wedding date is set to be in next year, his daughter is finding a new house right now: "I hope engagement and wedding can be done all at once. As for the date, we would respect his family's decision." Selina's record company HIM Music replied: "Happy to see her doing great," stressing S.H.E won't disband.

It was back to the end of 2006 when S.H.E hold their concert in Taipei arena. That night Richard Chang and his mom enjoyed the show with tickets given by Selena's mom; it was his first time meeting S.H.E. Last month he finally confessed his love to Selena bravely at her concert, he said after wards: "This is fate given by God." Because the seat where he sat that night, was almost the same seat where he sat at S.H.E's concert 3 1/2 years ago.

As for wedding date being exposed, Selina replied shyly: "Let it be, now I'm enjoying this sweet love." She said the biggest matchmaker in this relationship is her mom and Richard's mom, and also her teammates Hebe and Ella. Worry whether her group would be affected because of marriage? Selina said confidently: "We would become a sexy and free female group." Hebe gave her blessing: "Very happy and excited, wifey (Selina's nickname) is very cool and brave."


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