Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rabee Yeung Awaits For Her Wedding Day

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Miss Hong Kong 2003 runner-up Rabee Yeung is fluent in both Chinese and English, so she is always invited to host many events. Lately she was the host for an event held by Rudis Sylva. Wearing an expensive watch that is worth two million, she was extremely careful: "There are only two of this watches in Hong Kong, its cost is enough for me to buy a house!" Currently dating Tim@Dear Jane, she said she is waiting him to give her a diamond couple watch.

Rabee also paid attention to this year's Miss Hong Kong semifinalists and praised them to have high qualities. She still keep contact with contestants from her year, and lately attended to Mandy Cho's house warming party: "That time we were very happy to see her, she shared the sweet proposal to us and showed her 3-carat diamond ring!" She said she always have a heart of getting married, but just have to wait for the right  time.


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