Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photos of Liu Ye Fighting With Westerner Exposed

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @

After the Liu Ye and a Westerner's taxi fight incident exposed to the public, outsiders only heard descriptions from Liu Ye, Liu Ye's manager, and witness Wong Bin. But yesterday a set of photos of the taxi fight appeared on the internet. This incident once again became the hot topic to discuss.

Although Liu Ye cleared up misunderstanding occurred due to language barrier and the fight was short. However, judging from the photos, Liu Ye and the Westerner must've __ for a certain amount of time. But because there are only photos, it can't be confirmed whether the Westerner really did use "f***k you" to provoke Liu Ye, but it's reckoned that the Westerner started the fight.
Based on the photos, it's a tie between the two. The end of this dramatic fight really is like Liu Ye said on his blog---ended peacefully. Seeing how they hugged each other at the end, it's hard to imagine the two fought each other before hand. Reporters contacted Liu Ye for the photos but it went to the mailbox. He appeared to an event in Mainland the first time after the taxi fight incident exposed, but didn't reply to it.


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